Daily Science Activities during partial school closures – Week 12, 13 and 14

As well as collating a collection of excellent websites, activities and resources for parents and teachers during the corona virus pandemic on the resources page of my website, I’m also posting a daily science or STEM activity on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. I’m posting ideas seven days a week, through the easter holiday too, because science fun is for every day 😀.

Here are the posts from weeks twelve, thirteen and fourteen all in one place! 

(You can find week one and two here , week 3 and 4 here , week 5 and 6 here,  week 7, 8 and 9 here and weeks 10 and 11 here).

Day 78

It’s #WorldOceansDay Find out more and help to #SaveOurSeas#ProtectOurHome at http://ow.ly/3a8A50zR43f and watch an episode of Blue Planet 🌎 for some secondary research

Day 79

Part 3 of the #KitchenScience #ScienceFromHome series of activities. Revisit relative densities in this activity to float different liquids on top of each other. Then, can you find objects which will float on each layer? Can you predict what will happen?

Day 80

Round the (lockdown) world in 80 Days has got to be all about #HotAirBalloons!
Find out about the science science.howstuffworks.com/…/flig…/modern/hot-air-balloon.htm then make one of these flying tea bags like @TheCuriosityBox’s @reneewatson77 

Day 81

There’s still time to get outside and find some bugs🐛for the @schoolscience #GreatBugHunt which closes tomorrow. Find out about the competition and enter: http://ow.ly/9DrA50A02qm 
#ASEChat #PriSci #RemoteLearning #ScienceFromHome#ScienceInYourGarden

Day 82

Can you build a strong bridge from a single piece of paper? Try folding, rolling and twisting to see how shape affects strength and rigidity. Test your design by placing toys, weights or coins on & see how much mass your bridge can hold!

Day 83

Discover the best biscuit for dunking!🍪☕
Carry out your own investigations or join in with funscience.org.uk/bigexperiment to be part of a giant experiment this June including guide, worksheets and a dunk-along video! 

Day 84

Make a grass trumpet – explore sound and nature at the same time! 🌾
Stretch a blade of grass between your thumbs and blow to create vibrations like a reed in a 🎷

Day 85

Part 4 of my Monday #KitchenScience #ScienceFromHome Series this half term. Find out about the natural pH indicator red cabbage which changes colour using kitchen cupboard ingredients #ChemistryInYourKitchen #ScienceIsMagicThatsReal

Day 86

Today is a mammoth Science Activity-a-thon with Great Science Share for Schools‘ action packed timetable of sharing science!
There’s still time to get involved, #AskAQuestion and share your science too at greatscienceshare.org #GreatSciShare

Day 87

Working scientifically: In a fair test, we only change one variable at a time. Take a look at what happens when you change one thing in this curious play dough investigation from @SciJem twitter.com/scijem/status/1260147762232020993?s=21 
Could you change one thing in a recipe?

Day 88

Make a catapult out of lolly sticks!
Try these easy to follow instructions from the @scouts or have a go at making your own design
How far will yours go?

Day 89

Today’s a very special The Global Science Show in collaboration with Great Science Share for Schools for an action-packed day of science communication and sharing from all ages. Watch along on twitter.com/GlobalSciShow or get involved too! Keep your eyes peeled for an entry from Dr Jo too.
I’ll be discussing What’s In Your Blood 🩸💉
Follow along with the whole show at @GlobalSciShow every month

Day 90

Make a wormery! These invertebrates are wonders of the garden, transforming detritus (dead leaves etc) into nutrient-rich soil! Observe them doing this and help the garden too 🪱

Day 91

Make ice cream in a bag this #FathersDay to treat Dad or a special person in your life (or yourself🍦)!
What’s your favourite flavour? 
Tag me @DrJoScience to show me how you get on

Day 92

It’s #STEMClubsWeek 22-26 June and the theme is sustainability
Join in with @STEMclubs activities all week to inspire and educate on sustainable energy, materials, food, clean air, water and sanitation
@PA_Schools #ScienceFromHome

Day 93

More #ScienceFromHome with Slime! Customise yours with food colouring, paint or glitter! 
Is it a solid, or a liquid? What happens when you let it settle in the bottom of a cup and then tip it out?
Enjoy & Be safe! 
#DrJoScience #ChemistryInMyCupboard

Day 94

It’s #ZoologyLive this week 22-27 June. Join @ZoologyMuseum every day for films and activities.
Today it’s all about Pond watch and making wildlife films!
#ScienceFromHome #MuseumFromHome #RemoteLearning #BeCurious

Day 95

Science is magic that’s real!
The light travels through air, glass, water, glass, air and is bent, or refracted, along the way. The glass of water is also acting like a magnifying glass
#ScienceFromHome #DrJoScience #BeCurious#ScienceIsMagicThatsReal

Day 96

Which insects can you spot this #InsectWeek#niw2020
Take a look on flowers for some #pollinatorpals
and use an ID guide in a book, app or online such as www.buglife.org.ukto help you find out what you can see
#ScienceFromHome #ScienceInYourGarden

Day 97

Make a balloon (air) powered car!
Use the power of escaping air to propel your car. How far can you make it go? How could you improve it? What changes could you make?

Day 98

In addition to the daily science posts, I’ve also been posting lots of nature pictures lately as it’s not only #30DaysWild for June, but also National #InsectWeek this week too.

There’s still time to enjoy #30DaysWild

Hug a tree, smell a flower, film wildlife, sit in nature, make a Hedgehog Highway or watch a wild webcam!


#ScienceFromHome#ScienceInYourGarden #NIW2020 #NIW

#ScienceFromHome #HomeSchooling #HomeSchooling2020 #HomeLearning #RemoteLearning #BeCurious #DrJo #DrJoScience #DistanceLearning #LockdownLearning #SchoolClosuresUK #PrimaryScience #STEM #STEMclub #ScienceClub #STEMed #STEMeducation #ScienceEducation #EduTwitter #ChemistryInYourCupboard #KitchenScience #KitchenChemistry #Moon #Craters #Clangers #GreatSciShare #GlobalScienceShow #STEMfromHome #Nature #BugHunt #LeafID #ScavengerHunt #ScienceFromYourGarden 

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