Welcome to Dr Jo Science Solutions! I am a qualified teacher and research scientist with more than 20 years experience developing and delivering fun and engaging curriculum-relevant, hands-on science workshops in schools.

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Inspire and engage pupils, increase science capital in your school and enrich the curriculum with an educational visit from Dr Jo Science Solutions.

I am passionate about science, children and education. Young people are naturally curious scientists who wonder about the world. Dr Jo Science Solutions workshops are fun, informative and thought-provoking through hands-on practical experiments and investigations, sparking a long-lasting enthusiasm and love of science.


Ideal to support and enhance your current teaching topic through individual workshops, whole school science days and careers events. Supporting you, your pupils and the curriculum.

Each workshop will:

  • Promote a love of science
  • Spark curiosity
  • Inspire pupils
  • Create a thirst for knowledge
  • Make science exciting and accessible for all
  • Be curriculum-relevant
  • Develop a positive attitude towards science
  • Foster critical thinking skills
  • Promote working scientifically

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Teachers and Headteachers

  • Staff CPD on delivering practical science activities
  • Scientist helpline – get in touch to ask subject knowledge questions, suggestions for curriculum-led activities, advice on running science events in your school and for links to additional resources
  • Small focus group work addressing misconceptions (ideal for PPG) or stretching more able pupils
  • Science PPA cover and supply teaching
  • STEM clubs


  • Science curriculum
  • Practical science
  • Scientific copy editing


I have been impressed by Jo’s dynamic and creative teaching and presentation style which captures children’s imagination and makes them want to discover more.

Mr Bryant, Headteacher, William Westley Primary School.

What can I say about Dr Jo? She gave me all the information I needed, provided me with a timetable of the day, arrived punctually and was tremendously organised. Her delivery of our sessions was fantastic – the children were hooked and the staff loved getting involved as well. Jo encouraged the children to work scientifically throughout every workshop and delivered sessions tailored to the science topic of each class she was in. Jo even managed to thread in our KS1 topic of castles into the workshops – amazing! I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Jo Science Solutions….book her into your school NOW. What are you waiting for?

Mr Howden, Science Lead, Thaxted Primary School, Essex.

I have had the pleasure of watching Jo in action in the classroom. Jo took a bunch of tired, slightly hyper children and transformed them into little scientists by her array of engaging activities and her calm, unflappable manner.

Dr W, Governor, Cambridgeshire Primary School.

A master of the classroom science workshop, with years of experience.

Lisa Taylor, STEM Ambassador.

•Enhanced DBS • QTS • Member ASE (Association for Science Education) •Public Liability & Indemnity Insurance•

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