Daily Science Activities during partial school closures: The final! – Week 15, 16 and 17

As well as collating a collection of excellent websites, activities and resources for parents and teachers during the corona virus pandemic on the resources page of my website, I have also been posting daily science or STEM activities on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. I have posted ideas seven days a week, through the easter and half term holidays too, because science fun is for every day 😀.

Here are the posts from weeks fifteen, sixteen and seventeen all in one place! This is the final blog post in this series and marks the end of 4 months, 17 weeks, or 121 days, of lockdown science activities!

(You can find week one and two here , week 3 and 4 here , week 5 and 6 here,  week 7, 8 and 9 hereweeks 10 and 11 here and weeks 12, 13 and 14 here).

Here’s to summer!

Although I won’t be posting daily science activities during the summer holidays, there is still plenty of summer science to get involved with, including the Dr Jo Summer STE(A)M Club combining science with some added creativity for the holidays.

Day 99

Here’s another #KitchenScience investigation, this time looking at dancing raisins
Confuse the rules of floating and sinking and watch bubbles at work.
What’s happening? Why? Observe closely and let me know what you find.

Day 100

WOW! 100 days of lockdown science! Let’s celebrate with some chocolate 🍫 and make a model of the rock cycle
Schools may be out in Scotland and NI but we’re still here in England and Wales so the science continues!

Watch the video at https://youtu.be/rVbK9X79yic

Day 101

Invite butterflies into your garden or windowsill and provide a vital food source with this simple butterfly feeder ideas! 

Day 102

Create a playdough maze or marble run in a box or tray.
Have a competition to see how quickly you can get the ball from one end the other.
Could you use other materials? Or Add Letters or numbers to indicate a sequence or points scoring?

Day 103

[Push Pineapple] Shake a tree (gently) and find some bugs!
A great way to find out what’s about 🦋🐛

Day 104

Take a closer look at garden soil.
Soil is made from rock and organic material. Can you take a look and see if you’ve got a sandy, chalky, clay or rich soil. 
Observe closely, put a small amount in some water and leave to separate

Day 105

Investigate magnets! Find magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
Got a fridge magnet? See how many different things you can find that it sticks to. What materials are and aren’t magnetic? Make a list.

Day 106

Here’s some more #KitchenScience to make the best bubbles!
Can you make square bubbles? Big bubbles? Small bubbles? Long lasting bubbles? Lots of bubbles?
#BeCurious and have a go!

Day 107

Explore one of the 5 enquiry types with a pattern seeking investigation: Do bigger hands hold more?
Measure hand span and grab a handful of sweets/beads/blocks. Repeat 3 x to get an average result and compare.

Day 108

Create a home for wildlife with this mini wetland activity from @WWTworldwide 
🐸support biodiversity
🌍help slow down climate change
🕊️create networks for migrating species
💦essential for clean water

Day 109

Explore the structure of DNA with this sweet model of the double helix, pairing A & T and G & C bases represented by jelly sweets!
Then look up the discoveries of Rosalind Franklin, James Watson and Francis Crick.

Day 110

Weigh some things! Estimate and then measure the mass of a variety of objects from around the house. Can you predict which will be the lightest and heaviest?

Day 111

Investigate static electricity by rubbing a balloon!
What happens if you rub two balloons on a wooly jumper and then bring the balloons close together?? 

Day 112

Head to the kitchen today to investigate the wonder of a little microorganism that makes a huge difference to bread, beer, wine, champagne and (love it or hate it!) @marmite 
Observe the effect of respiration – add yeast, water and flour.

Day 113

The Royal Society #SummerScience Exhibition brings cutting edge research to the public and has gone digital this year. This is me presenting at the VIP evening a couple of years ago!
Check out the programme here

Day 114

The BigBang Fair has gone digital this year.
Check out lots of workshops, live polls and Q&A sessions throughout the day

Day 115

Combine some STEM and Geography skills by observing, measuring, drawing to scale, finding North and creating a map of your local area, garden, park, school, classroom or bedroom!

Day 116

51 years ago today, Apollo 11 took off from Kennedy Space Centre. To celebrate, here’s a stop motion video recreation of the moon landing using Oreos 🌕🚀👨‍🚀
Why not create a stop motion video or comic to describe some science today?

Day 117

Get involved with one of my favourite #CitizenScience projects with the #BigButterflyCount starting today (17th July) until 9th August 
You just need to watch for 15 minutes and record the 🦋 you see

Day 118

Day 119

Day 120

Day 121

And for the grand finale……let’s celebrate the end of term, the end of 4 months – or 121 days – of daily lockdown science activities with a bit of exploding fizzy drink! You could try different types, different temperatures and different sugar contents too. Does it make a difference?

And that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed these science activities. Keep investigating and stay safe!

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Join in with more science fun to come. Follow me on social media or why not sign up to my weekly online science club?




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