Supporting schools

I had a really productive, and mutually enlightening, consultation with a primary school today who are looking to improve their science provision. Different schools are on very different points of their journey to support science teaching but the importance of science education as a core subject has been highlighted this week by Ofsted’s primary science research report.

We talked about empowering staff through support and CPD, as well as raising children’s engagement in science through inspiring, hands-on investigation – both during curriculum lessons and as whole school science days or weeks.

As in many schools, a culture of fear towards science seems to have developed in this school – research suggests that up to 40% primary school teachers lack confidence in teaching science. Teachers are juggling so many hats on a daily basis that there often isn’t the capacity to think about anything additional and the mountain can seem insurmountable. I was able to suggest some quick and easy practical strategies to initiate change and to spark the scientific imagination.

If you feel that you, or your school, would like some support around using practical science in the classroom, training and CPD for staff, hands-on workshops in your school or advice on how to deliver a science day or week, then do please get in touch to see how I may be able to help.

Laboratory skills in schools

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