Science week and the importance of volunteering

I’ve been volunteering at scientific events since my undergraduate days more than 25 years ago – long before it was fashionable, popular or even that common to find events. I feel that it’s really important to give something back and to share my passion and excitement for science. Since then, public engagement – or public understanding of science as it was known then – and science communication has blossomed and there are now more and more people sharing their love for their subject and helping people to understand science, increase scientific literacy, science capital and to consider it as a career. Many of these are linking with schools and beyond through STEM Ambassadors .

We are exceedingly fortunate in my hometown of Cambridge to be surrounded by amazing scientific research, scientists and public events and activities. In this academic year alone, I have enjoyed being involved with LifeLab events (including a new one for me leading historical scientific guided tours around Cambridge), Big Biology Day, Twilight at The Museums at the newly re-opened Zoology Museum, Schools’ Day this week and the biggest event of the year, the Cambridge Science Festival , starting this weekend!

These events and activities are an opportunity to engage with people of all ages, find out new things and to spread the joy of science. Wherever you are in the UK, British Science Week this week is a chance to get involved. If you’re local to Cambridge, do look up the myriad amazing events happening over the next two weeks of the Cambridge Science Festival – and maybe I’ll see you there!

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