Daily Science Activities during partial school closures – Week 7, 8 and 9

As well as collating a collection of excellent websites, activities and resources for parents and teachers during the corona virus pandemic on the resources page of my website, I’m also posting a daily science or STEM activity on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. I’m posting ideas seven days a week, through the half term holiday too, because science fun is for every day 😀.

Here are the posts from weeks seven, eight and nine all in one place! 

(You can find week one and two here , week 3 and 4 here and week 5 and 6 here).

Day 43

We’re going on a snail hunt!

When the weather’s been wet, there are often more snails about. Can you find any common garden snails? Or banded snails? What do you notice about their patterns? 

Day 44

Meet The Scientist! Every Tuesday the Primary Science Teaching Trust are releasing activities and videos relating to past and current scientists at work, and you can ask them questions! 


Day 45

One of my favourite types of kitchen chemistry! Bake a cake, biscuits or cookies! Weighing, measuring and mixing are important scientific skills (not to mention taste testing!), as well as investigating the irreversible changes that happen during cooking.

Day 46

Can you find any red dots are on sycamore leaves? Ever wondered what they are? These galls are caused by tiny mites. As they pierce individual cells to feed, the surrounding cells divide, enlarging and forming the gall. By mid-May the mites start to lay eggs within the galls.

Day 47

It’s #VEday too so let’s celebrate aviation with this #PaperPlane challenge activity from the MoD. Can you make a paper plane that flies the furthest? ✈️ What materials will you use? Paper, card, tin foil?!?

Then, once you’ve had a go at the #PaperPlane challenge, check out the Chemistry of the Battle Of Britain with this poster from @theSkyLabSTEM and @RoySocChem and @IWMDuxford 

Day 48

Can you explore your fingerprints? Everyone’s fingerprints are unique – Can you take a fingerprint and spot the arch, loop and whorl patterns in your fingerprints? 🔍
Just one activity from Dr Jo Science Club last week!

You can sign up to a 12 week rolling programme of Dr Jo Science Club at any time: Weekly interactive video and a bumper activity pack of further investigations to carry out for just £5 per week for as many children as you have at home!

Day 49

Today’s Science activity is all about looking for evidence of animals that they might have left behind. I saw these prehistoric looking prints in a puddle! (Spoiler: it was a bird!)
Can you spot any animal footprints while you’re out and about? Have a go at identifying the footprints in this quiz from @ASUatSWCHS too. 

Day 50

Explore the stars by carefully punching holes in the bottom of a paper cup or through a piece of paper with a pin and shine a torch or light through it to project the constellations onto a wall!
✨from stormthecastle.com

Keep looking up to the sky and thinking about the universe with this week’s #GreatSciShare theme to inspire you to explore and ask questions.
From 11-17 May it’s a focus on space with @RoyalAstroSoc #RAS200 🔭🌒🪐🛰️🚀☄️👩‍🚀🌠‍
Share your questions at greatscienceshare.org

Day 51

Discover the weird world of lichen! Strange composite organisms found on rocks, stones, walls and trees. Watch this video to find out more, then look up the lichens you can find using this ID guide.
📹 youtu.be/NH0Cq9pBiJw 

Day 52

Make a fizzing bath bomb and find out all about the science of this chemical reaction in this video from @RoySocChem 
📹 https://youtu.be/wieE0wSVXOQ

Day 53

Go cloud spotting! ☁️

Find out more about the different types of cloud from the Met Office.

Day 54

Find out about myriad STEM careers in this fun and fabulous free downloadable board game for all ages created by the team at Diamond Light Source synchrotron near Oxford. https://www.diamond.ac.uk/Public/DiamondTheGame

Day 55

A fun and only slightly messy activity (which you can bake into a tasty treat afterwards!) to investigate the formation of moon craters with the Clangers!

Day 56

Can you make a filter to clean dirty water? Mix soil, water, leaves and small stones. Experiment with different materials such as paper towel, sand and gravel to create a filter (NB It’s still not safe to drink!). Explore further with Practical Action Schools resources.

Day 57

It’s #NationalScavengerHuntDay 18-24 May (anyone else notice that’s a week?). 
Check out the resources at www.greatscienceshare.org to get involved and ask and answer questions about habitats and living things

Day 58

Explore optical illusions and how you can trick your brain! 
Make a thaumotrope – a spinning disc with different images on each side. Stick to a pencil and spin the disc to make it look like it’s a single image

Day 59

It’s #WorldBeeDay so a great excuse to find out about these amazing and important animals. Spot some bees, find out more info and use this comprehensive Bee ID guide.

Day 60

Do some leaf rubbing! Spot or collect some fallen leaves, identify the trees, observe the structure of a leaf and find out about its functions and create some art! 🌿🍁

Day 61

Today’s activity is part of an international science show! #GlobalScienceShow and I’m discussing your sense of smell in this video.
Watch the entire The Global Science Show all day and even consider joining in with the next one on 19th June as they’ve linked up with Great Science Share for Schools to link your curious science questions with science communication!

Day 62

The National Physical Laboratory (they don’t just do physics!) are running weekly #MeasurementAtHome challenges, including the latest: if you could invent a new unit of measurement, what would it be?
…sec, mol, metre, lumen… the Dr Jo unit of how excited you are about science?!?! Wow! That’s 1,000,000 Dr Jo units?

Day 63

This week’s theme for the Great Science Share for Schools is #WasteWarriorWeek
Find out about different types of plastic and how to reduce waste. What questions will you ask?
Can you sort through your recycling and find plastics which can be easily recycled (look for the symbols 1, 2, 4 and 5). 

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Join in with more science fun to come. Follow me on social media or why not sign up to my weekly online science club?




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