There’s more to grass than just the green stuff beneath your feet!

There are so many different types of grasses and they’ve been popping up on roadsides and verges, pathways and edges of fields over the past couple of months, and taking a closer look on my daily walks has revealed some interesting variations:

Just as these different grasses started to emerge, my latest edition of Whizz Pop Bang magazine also popped through my letterbox! It’s packed full of fascinating facts and fun investigations all about grasses around the world.

Taking a closer look reveals how beautiful these grasses are and also shows just how similar these wild grasses are to our cultivated cereal crops.

Can you spot the ones that look like wheat, oats and barley?

I even had a closer look under a microscope to expose the intricate detail:

Whilst it appears delicate, grass is also tough stuff! What not spot some different types of grass and test the strength. How much weight will a blade of grass hold? Are some grasses tougher than others? Share your findings and tag me @DrJoScience, I’d love to see what you discover!

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